Underwater Adventures – Incredible Underwater Tourist Attractions

underwater adventuresPeople have always been captivated by what is underwater. There are shipwrecks, museums, temples, hotels, and restaurants, to name a few, all underwater that are truly worth diving for. If you are looking for locations to fill your underwater wanderlust, here are some of the incredible underwater tourist attractions that you might want to try out.

Cancún Underwater Museum

One of the biggest and most impressive art exhibition on the planet is the underwater museum in Cancún. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that it is underwater.

It showcases more than 500 full-scale sculptures crafted by famous sculptor Jason de Caires. It was brought about by the need to save the local coral reefs from over-tourism. As a result, the underwater attraction becomes an alternate destination for tourist divers.

The sculptures, made of special material, promotes the growth of corals, making them a reef structure for sea life to inhabit. You have a choice of diving the museum or enjoying the view on board a glass-bottomed boat.

Great Barrier Reef

Looking under the sea for your next travel destination? Discover the true beauty of marine life and underwater adventure in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. What makes this natural marine attraction special is the fact that it holds the largest natural coral reef in the entire world.

Made of more than 3,000 individual reef systems, it is home to a wide mix of marine species. Thousands of snorkelling and diving enthusiasts visit every year to witness the fascinating beauty of this iconic diving destination in the world.