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Travel The World: Great Places To Consider In Your Vacation Trip Next Year

It may not be comfortable to travel this Covid-19 pandemic crisis but you can plan your travel location for next year. Here are just some of the best places to consider:

Sea Point Cape Town, Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Did you know that Cape Town is a town full of colourful mélange of culture and is full of nature and music? It is also a progressive town that is just between two different towns in Africa.

The town is also a known place where former president Nelson Mandela was held prisoners for 27 years. Visit the Green Market Square, which houses the African souvenir market. After that, go to the famous Long Street, which is lined with bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and luxurious accommodations.

Nikko, Japan

Although the Olympic Games has been cancelled because of the pandemic, however, Japan is still a popular destination among travellers and will still be a popular place to visit after the pandemic is over.

Visit Nikko and enjoy the broad history it offers and the beautiful natural setting this town offers. Nikko and Lake Chuzenji are part of a national park that is well preserved by the UNESCO World Heritage sites. When in Nikko, you will be able to find monkeys on the side while you drive from the downtown area. You can also go hiking around the lake and relax in one of the hot springs.


Ready your flip flops and bathing suits and visit Brazil! Enjoy the 2,000+ beaches the country has to offer and it is more affordable. From the Amazon rainforest to Rio de Janeiro, there are so many places to visit.